So many #artskickers

…so little time! Right? There are loads of inspirational people out there doing fun, easy, creative stuff with the kids they love. Here are ten of my favourites, check them out if you fancy a right good #artskicking…

Bar Rucci is an LA based art teacher, her blog is full of wonderful, educational tips and she’s just published a book called “Art Workshops for Children” that is a brilliant starting point for any aspiring #artskicker.


Aussie Suzy Rugg is “Handy with Scissors” and she is quite simply A GENIUS when it comes to making stuff straight from the recycling bin. Fun, easy, cheap and NEVER dull.


Shannon from “Oh Creative Day” is another #artskicking Aussie with a beautiful instagram feed full of creative activities and a series on her blog called “Oh Creative Lady!” that is a monthly must-read for crafty peeps.

tnminimailthumbFrom the people who create the Lost My Name books, their Clever Ideas blog is an excellent resource of really well thought out and totally wacky arty farty activities to do with little ones. And the books are ace too 😉

acfzda3d_400x400Londoner Phillippa Ellis takes her kiddos to the capital’s coolest galleries and shows and then writes about their outings on her blog Arts Aloud. This is not just any old bumph, the like of which I’m liable to bash out myself, it’s thoughtful, well-informed art critique at its finest. High brow like. I find it refreshing because she speaks to you like a grown up despite the fact that you are a semi-demented person who happens to be chasing ankle-biters around the place. Great to read before venturing out to a show with kids in tow.

Meri Cherry (yes, that’s her real name) is the mother of all artskickers really. Working from her growing studio in LA, she’s all about the PROCESS, which (I’ve come to realise with my own three #filthylittlearticles) is what it’s all about really.

Hello Wonderful is a brilliant resource, bringing together ideas from some of the best bloggers from all over the world. Get over there now for an absolute #artskicking.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-14-29-46Jean Van’t Hul is The Artful Parent and she is thoroughly thoughtful and inspiring. Her weekly newsletter is ace. I don’t know where she finds the time to be honest…

photoProving that it ain’t just females who craft, Sergei at The Dad Lab is a font of creative, science based activities. His videos are lovely and he only does stuff that is really really simple. Seriously, it’s all simple. Even I can do (most of) it.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-14-31-05On this list because my kids LOVE this man. Rob is a dad of 4 who teaches kids to draw their favourite cartoon characters over at Art For Kids Hub. You pay for premium stuff, but the free videos are plenty to give the kids a confidence boost. And the adults too!

ec033db948ad8352f161776a867f31bdOlivia is a Sydney based nanny who runs A Crafty Living on the side. It is brilliant. Particularly for very little ones.