Everybody loves #Artskickers

With less than a week to go till our March 6 deadline, we’ve been blown away by the quantity and QUALITY of nominations for the inaugural #Artskickers Awards. Lots of East Londoners are nominating people they love and our judges are gonna have a hard time choosing their winners…

Seems almost everyone knows an #Artskicker and definitely everyone loves them 😊

Here’s a selection of some supporter messages, with everyone from Judges Gavin Turk, Denise Gough and Susie McKenna, to superstars Russell Tovey and Freida Pinto sending love bombs to the #artskickers in our lives.

Are you an #Artskicker? Do you know an #Artskicker? Nominate an #Artskicker here before March 6, 2017 and let us spread the love 😊

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