Thumb Print Snowmen ☃️⛄️

You’ll need:
⚡coloured card
⚡white paint on a jam jar lid or paper plate
⚡sharpie / black marker
⚡small pieces of string and paper

The coloured card and white paint work great for this, but go crazy with coloured snowmen on white if you fancy. Simply pop some paint onto a jar lid or saucer, let them dip their fingers and fill the page with prints. Thumbs work great for the body, index finger for the head, but hey, don’t be afraid to mix it up, the best snowmen come in all shapes ’n’ sizes⛄️☃️⛄️☃️⛄️☃️

Add coloured paper shapes for noses / hats / scarves and use a sharpie or any old marker for the eyes, mouth, buttons.

Top tip! Punch holes and thread through some string for scarves. Keep your string long, then cut it short when you tie it.

Frame it, send it off as a card, leave it in a stranger’s bicycle basket and spread the joy of the festive season!

If you’re more of a penguin person, or fancy a robin redbreast, take a look at my pinterest for more ideas.

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