Painted Pinecone Garland 🎄

I do love when the festive season rolls around but oh lordy, the consumption levels send me over the edge. The kids can’t cope with all the stuff they get and this year I’m keeping it really simple with 1 big gift, something they can wear and something to read.

With wishes of a simpler Christmas in mind, here’s a cracking little giftable that you and the kids you love can make together without dipping into your pockets using items you can forage or dig out of your recycling bin, paint and some imagination.

You will need
⚡glue & glitter (optional)

Step 1. Go to the park and collect pine cones

Step 2. Paint the pinecones as you please. You can use paintbrushes, but straight up dipping and finger painting is a lot of fun. Add glitter, pom poms, teeny rolled up tissue paper or tin foil balls…

Step 3. Allow to dry, then twist your colourful cones at intervals around the string.


Voila! A gorgeous garland you can use – year after year.

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