Bum Prints 🍑

I’ve adapted / nicked this idea from Hackney’s brilliant Lost My Name blog, brought to you by the super creative people behind those personalised ‘Lost My Name’ books (a magical gift for little ones if you happen to be stuck for ideas). It was a highlight of of our artyfarty endeavours this year and we’re rolling out again this holiday season.

It’s a messy one. You have been warned…

You will need:
⚡paper (any kind – even newspaper will do)
⚡paintbrush or sponge (optional)
⚡a sharpie / marker
⚡a bum (essential)

img_1352Step 1. Whip off your baby’s nappy and clean that bum bum 🍑

Step 2. Cover bum cheeks in paint (you can do this with a brush OR squeeze some paint onto a paper plate or inside of an old cereal box or whatever and dip the baby for double the delight)

Step 3. Plonk baby onto paper. Bum side down of course. Repeat.

Step 4. Remove baby. Possibly to the bath 😉

Step 5. When the prints are dry, add smiley angel faces, kissing reindeer, an elephant trunk, or whatever else you dream up…

Step 6. Cut them out, pop in a frame or mount on some coloured card.

Hang on wall or send to grandma. Oh! Be sure to take photos of this experience and keep for the 18th / 21st / wedding party…

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