Woohoo, welcome to my new website!

So, I’m finally getting around to updating my blog. PROPERLY. I’m gonna be using this as my website / blog thingie, adding ideas and inspiration regularly, and you’ll find me (almost) daily over on Instagram.

The Arts Crusade started as a project while I was training to become a Social Media Manager at Digital Mums. The course was shamazin’, and now I’m fully fledged and working part time helping people sort their social media. That’s all good, but by the end of the course I found that what really rocks my boat is doing creative stuff with kiddos. So I’m  gonna keep giving my 3 a #KickUpTheArts and maybe I’ll inspire you too 😉

You can visit my old blog here if you fancy. In the meantime, I hope you’ll enjoy doing some of the activities here with the kids you love,

High fives all round!img_4255

Angie x

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