Everybody loves #Artskickers

With less than a week to go till our March 6 deadline, we’ve been blown away by the quantity and QUALITY of nominations for the inaugural #Artskickers Awards. Lots of East Londoners are nominating people they love and our judges are gonna have a hard time choosing their winners… Seems almost everyone knows an #Artskicker and definitely everyone loves them 😊 Here’s a selection of some supporter … Continue reading Everybody loves #Artskickers

Calling all artists of tomorrow… you fabulous Future Artists!

We’re on the hunt for contributions from children and young people aged 5-12 & 13-18, because we’ve got AMAZING prizes and we know there are LOADS of deserving winners out there. So huddle up people, here’s what we’re looking for… Calling all artists of tomorrow… you fabulous Future Artists! Create some art – at home, at school or in your local community – and tell us about it by … Continue reading Calling all artists of tomorrow… you fabulous Future Artists!

Announcing… The #Artskickers Awards

It’s almost a year since I started my Arts Crusade, my mission to give myself and the kids I love a #KickUpTheArts. Spurred on by the revelation that 41% of Hackney kids live in poverty (yes, really), and Arts Council England’s research showing a persistent disconnect between those who get to benefit from arts participation and those who don’t, I wanted to act, to get … Continue reading Announcing… The #Artskickers Awards

Bum Prints 🍑

I’ve adapted / nicked this idea from Hackney’s brilliant Lost My Name blog, brought to you by the super creative people behind those personalised ‘Lost My Name’ books (a magical gift for little ones if you happen to be stuck for ideas). It was a highlight of of our artyfarty endeavours this year and we’re rolling out again this holiday season. Continue reading Bum Prints 🍑